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  1. Prof. Alexander Johnson

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  2. Prof. Alexander Johnson

    Astronomy Professor Interview

    Alexander had just emerged from his private sitting once realizing it was almost time for the interview for the astronomy professor. With a flick of his wand fresh hot tea and biscuits appeared on the coffee tablet in front of the fireplace and couch. Alexander made his way over to his desk and...
  3. Prof. Alexander Johnson

    Lesson One: Poison Ivy

    Alexander entered greenhouse five, excited for the first class of the term. He had made sure to come down and prepare the greenhouse a few days ago since it was only used for summer term classes. Alexander had transfigured it to look like a campsite complete with a tent, fire pit, and different...
  4. Prof. Alexander Johnson

    Herbology Course Tracker - Summer 2020

    Herbology Course Tracker Gryffindor Britney King: 10 Points - Lesson One: 1 Post Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin
  5. Prof. Alexander Johnson

    Wondering The Dungeons

    Alexander had made his way down to the dungeons, he was not really sure why. He just needed a break from his office and dungeons were the total opposite of the floors above. When Alexander had been at Hogwarts the dungeons were like a second home to him. Being a Slytherin he was down there a lot...
  6. Prof. Alexander Johnson

    Johnson Manor

    TITLE HERE PUT YOUR OWN BLURB HERE ALEXANDER EDWARD JOHNSON QUICK FIRE DETAILS ON YOUR CHARACTER Information - A piece of information here. - A character you want adopting. - Your character's job - etc -...
  7. Prof. Alexander Johnson

    We Need To Talk

    To say Alexander was mad, would be an understatement. Victor had no right to talk his family the way he did, let along get Emily so upset. So Alexander thought it was about time her pay Victor a visit. Walking among the streets of house in Hogsmeade houses made Alexander miss his flat in...
  8. Prof. Alexander Johnson

    Hogwarts Who Is Who

    Hogwarts Administration Headmaster: @Prof. Alexander Johnson Deputy Headmistress: @Minister Arya Dumetru Head of Houses Gryffindor Head of House: @Prof. Onyxia Tillers Hufflepuff Head of House: Ravenclaw Head of House: @Prof. Amita Bissinger Slytherin Head of House: @Prof. Beatrice...

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